At Signal, we're a tight-knit family that's growing and looking for a few more amazingly talented, ego-free, pixel-loving unicorns.

We're looking for experienced motion graphics artists, and if you have solid 3D (C4D) experience, you get super-extra-bonus points.

Do you bleed bleeds and gutters. Do grids make you tingle in all the right ways? If you know your counters, bowls, and axial grid systems... yeah, we should talk.

This for the seasoned, but decidely un-grizzled. The ones that have been in the trenches and had years of experience driving accounts and strategy for real brands, but are so jacked up on life it's contagious. If you can provide insight and leadership around brand and marketing strategies, we'd love to chat.

Do you geek out over gannt charts? Are due dates your thing? Are project details like a warm wool blanket by the fire? If you like keeping plates (on fire) spinning, planes (also on fire) in the air, and the trains (hopefully not on fire) running on time, we want to meet. Because you're probably the hero we need – and deserve. (And if you get that Dark Knight reference? Even better.)

Excited to concept new ideas? Write snazzy copy and stories? Can you drive a campaign or brand forward? Does it bother you that we're asking a fourth question, when just three would have been more rhythmic and precise? You may be the one.

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