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BOK Financial:
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It all started with a simple question:
"So what actually happens to my check when I use Mobile Deposit?"

Comedic commercials are fun. But they're also incredibly difficult to pull off well. Stray too far in one direction, and no one gets it. Stray too far in another, and it's just weird.

So anytime clients ask us for something "funny," we know we've got some investigating to do. Should it be slapstick like Jim Carrey? Should it be intelligent like Jon Oliver? Or are we talking about something that's "cute" or "amusing" instead of actually "comedic."

These are all questions that are a small part of the process. But they're super important to discovering and setting expections.

With BOK Financial, we went through that same process, and landed in a spot where everyone was happy. Based on reception and traffic, what were originally supposed to be simple pre-roll spots have transitioned to in-theatre commericals and full broadcast spots.

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