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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Swivel

Live Action

A week of overnight shoots at a busy casino?
Nothing a little Red Bull can't handle.

The trick to ending up with a clever sight gag while shooting, is to start in pre-production with the end in mind. And that's exactly what we did for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the summer of 2014.

When a client asks Signal Factory to roll out, we roll out hard.

Armed with weeks of pre-production and more than our fair share of Red Bull, we descended upon every square inch of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino over a period of three days–shooting, directing, and producing three :30 spots with a crew of approximately 30, and about double that in extras and primary talent.

Once we stopped rolling, our job was only half done. Having done our pre-production homework, the editing and compositing was a breeze, and all three spots were finished and broadcast-ready within a few weeks.

Red Square Gaming

Video Production
Post Production