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Hogan X


There will be more words written on Twitter over the next two years than contained in all books ever printed. Hogan X will be there to make sense of it all.

Signal Factory's relationship with Hogan Assessments goes back a long time. So, when Hogan wanted to let us in on something new they had cooking, we were more than a little intrigued.

For years, Hogan Assessments has been the leader in the personality psychology and assessment industry. With the rise of Big Data, social media has become a vital pathway for people to show themselves to the world. And at Hogan, they believe that what other people say about you is the most important thing in the business world.

So, Hogan X was created within Hogan Assessments to begin asking and tackling some big new questions and maybe look at things a little bit differently. In order to really hone in on exactly what that meant, the Signal Factory team worked with Hogan to develop an animation to do just that. Taking our cue from the in-house designed Hogan X logo, we keyed on a look that was made up of various broken and connected bits that, when take together, create a holistic image.

Creative Concepting
Script Writing / Consultation
2D Animation