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Outdoor Channel:
The Best Defense

Animation • Live Action

Know how to take a gun away from an attacker? How about disarm someone with a knife? Well, would you like to?

The Best Defense is a show on Outdoor Channel that teaches self defense through knowledge, preparation, and awareness. So, it's pretty much urban judo with weapons. And yes, it's awesome.

Signal Factory designed and animated the original show open for The Best Defense way back around 2009-ish. So, it was time to revist the show package and update it with a new, more aggressive look and feel. In addition to the show open, we were able to produce various slates, bugs, billboards, and transitions.

All in exchange for a few private lessons on how to disarm a gunman while disabling a timebomb. Hint: it's the red wire. Always cut the red wire. Or was it the blue wire?


Creative Concepting
Video Production
Post Production
2D Animation
3D Animation