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Pure Storage:
Accelerate 2017

Animation • Design

"Sooo... we want to do something a little bit different
this year with the intro video..."

The 2017 version of Accelerate was going to be a different kind of Accelerate from the very beginning. For starters, we would be announcing more than 25 new software features and innovations. This would be a massive surprise for partners, customers, and the market as a whole.

With this focus on software – the branding and design of which you can view here – we wanted to do something a little more high-concept with the design of the conference and the intro video that would serve as the main art direction for the two day event. Ultimately, we wanted people to begin to view Pure Storage as a software and hardware company, not just a hardware company. So we really needed to have an intro video that set the stage for everything people were about to hear and experience for the next two days.

So, we developed a bold strategy: Don't show a single product. Paint the picture of why Pure Storage solutions solve a problem.

What we thought would take some convincing was actually met with a resounding, "Hell, yes!" and we couldn't be prouder of how the piece turned out and married with the rest of the event.

2D Animation
3D Animation