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Pure Storage:
Rebranding Phase I


Story as old as time:
Tech Startup focuses on product. Product becomes super successful. Tech Startup is no longer just a startup. Tech Startup needs to look like Tech Company.

At the beginning of 2016, Signal Factory worked with the internal creative team at Pure Storage to do a full inventory of the Pure Storage brand.

And what we found was very typical of companies that experience explosive growth. The immediate focus is on executing a deliverable and overall brand strategy, look and feel, and messaging gets put on the back burner. As we stepped in to the role of Pure Storage's agency of record, we were able to act as a design pressure release valve while also working to put together a Phase I overhaul of the entire brand.

First up? The actual brand mark and lockup. By doing some work to align the elements–and in the process, enlarging the brand mark slightly–we were able to "zero out" the visual weight of the brand mark and word mark.

After that was agreed upon, we stepped into the overall brand collateral and stationery. With the advantage of an outsider's perspective, we were able to develop and implement an entirely cohesive visual language across all kinds of deliverables.

To help guide teams both interally and externally, we created a comprehensive brand style guide that continues to live and breathe as the brand evolves.

Phase I has been incredibly well-recieved across teams both interally and externally. And while we would love to show what we have in the works for Phase II, that is still tightly under wraps. All we can say with absolutle certainty is that the Pure Orange definitely will not be changing. Ever.

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