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Saint Francis:
Brand Campaign, Part 1

Live Action

Tulsa, OK advertising agency AcrobatAnt approached
Signal Factory early Summer 2015 with a big ask...

"How quickly could we plan and produce a three-week shoot spread over eighty-three different locations and setups with more than fifty different hired talent? Oh, and we need six :60 and six :30 spots edited, mastered, broadcast-ready, and delivered within eight weeks." 

"Is this even close to possible or are we crazy?"

After informing them that, yes, they were in fact very crazy, we agreed to help. Other than the logistical challenges, we couldn’t help but think of the amazing and ridiculous stories we’d have from driving around eastern Oklahoma with a crew of 30 for three weeks.

Eighty-three different locations and setups? More than fifty different hired talent?
In three weeks? No problem.

Working with AcrobatAnt throughout the pre-production phase to scout, optimize, and consolidate locations, concepts, and talent, we set our final production schedule two days before rolling. With help from our incredible team of producers, grips, caterers, and PAs, our Executive Creative Director Kyle Stauffer and 1st AC Jeremy Gassmann shot every frame of footage for the campaign.

During production, editors and producers back at the studio were busy capturing and securing daily footage from RED Dragon, aerial cameras, and hours of time lapse photography.

Post production ramped up in late July of 2015 with a drop dead delivery date in late August.

We were able to develop and launch an entirely new delivery portal for agency and client review during this period as well to make the revision and approval process as streamlined as possible.

On 26 August 2015, the first :60 spot was on air. On 27 August 2015, everyone on the Signal Factory team had a celebratory beer that some of us may or may not have slept through.

It was Kyle. He can’t hold his liquor.


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