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2015 Commercials


Streamlight flashlights are well known by fire, rescue, and police departments around the world. The addition of outdoor and adventure markets was only natural.

For the previous four years, Signal Factory planned and produced large-scale shoots that included huge crews, burning buildings, SWAT teams, and massive man-made rain storms. For the 2015 commercial campaign, we went a completely different direction.

By stripping back to a skeleton crew, working with local Colorado adventure outfitters to source talent, and creating lots of storyboards, we were able to accomplish a huge ask: take the same cinematic look we'd established for Streamlight's yearly broadcast commercial campaign, and adapt it to a lightning-fast 36 hour shoot 750 miles away from the Signal Factory base of operations.

Jamming seven different setups that included kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, and mountain biking into the dawn and dusk hours over two days was a logistical feat to say the least.

A day after returning to Oklahoma, we began production on additional pickups. So there are definitely a couple of Oklahoma locations standing in quite nicely for "Colorado"–with sky replacements doing the trick.

All in, both spots were received incredibly well, and have begun Streamlight's new direct-to-consumer strategy focused on the adventure and outdoore markets. Not bad for a few days in the Colorado mountains–and the Oklahoma hills.

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