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The Science of

Animation • Live Action

People are the most dangerous and consequential forces on the planet.
Wouldn't it be smart to know something about them?

In the fall of 2013, Hogan Assessments approached Signal Factory with a desire to answer a difficult question for personality psychologists: "What would you say that you actually do?"

And thus began a year-long process to discover, explain, shoot, and post a 38-minute documentary covering the entire history of the study of personality. Spanning evolutionary psychology and depth psychology to more modern ways of thinking about personality, the documentary draws on Hogan's wealth of expertise from Hogan Assessments founder Robert Hogan and CEO Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic to dozens of industry reasearchers and scientists.

Shot over more than nine months and two continents, The Science of Personality has become an invaluable tool for Hogan to quickly explain exactly what it is that they do and study.

With more than 35 hours of interviews and footage, editing down to a 38-minute runtime was no small feat. Signal Factory also generated more than two dozen animations and effects shots.

Overall, The Science of Personality has been viewed more than an estimated 50,000 times online, in classrooms, at conferences, and during presentations to incredibly positive feedback.

Creative Concepting
Script Writing
Muli-camera Shoot
Post Production
2D Animation