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Brightroll DSP


Even in the land of the Yodel™, Data is still King.

For Yahoo and it's advertisers, it's Brightroll's job to help advertisers cut through all the data noise to help build better targeting strategies.

Say you're a luxury hotel chain looking to fill rooms in San Francisco. Using BrightRoll's proprietary targeting tools, you could identify people who’ve recently purchased flights on premium airlines to SFO from other states. Pretty cool, right?

Yahoo and BrightRoll take TONS of data points and composite a complete picture of audiences, to help drive results for advertisers. It's pretty insane technology, and something that could easily come across as scary or imposing.

So, we worked with Yahoo's inhouse team to develop a tone and style that's approachable, friendly, and informative – kinda like your big brother, without being all, you know... "Big Brother."

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