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Yahoo: Brightroll Exchange



Brightroll is an amazing part of Yahoo! that develops technology that powers the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Basically, they're really, really smart.

Have you ever been surfing cyberspace (how's that for an old, 1990s internet reference?!), and thought to yourself, "Why in the world am I being shown ads for kosher dog food? That doesn't even make sense."

Well, you'd be right. And Brightroll is working to fix that.

Brightroll builds software that automates and improves digital advertising globally. That means that, as a consumer, you should only ever see ads that pertain to you. If you don't own a dog, don't care about dogs, and are a die-hard cat supporter, there's no need for a dog food company to ever advertise to you. It's wasted space, and you're more than a little annoyed to have your time wasted with ads to have zero relevance to you.

To help explain this to advertisers, Signal Factory helped develop and animate a series of product videos for Brightroll and Yahoo. These videos walk through exactly how the product works, what it's used for, and how it can be beneficial to advertisers.


2D Animation