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KISS, Journey, Def Leppard, and more

KISS: Alive 35 & Sonic Boom World Tour

The KISS Alive 35 & Sonic Boom World Tour hit the road in celebration of the band’s 35th year anniversary, ultimately thrilling over 385,000 fans in arenas around the glove with wild theatrics and their trademark rock sound. While joining forces with rock legends is always fun (100 million+ records sold isn’t too shabby), we leaped at the chance to produce custom show content as Gene, Paul, Eric, and Tommy were prepping for the tour.

The LED rig was made up of 54 individual LED panels, which would combine into various configurations, making the sate explode to life – sometimes literally. Fire and explosions were definitely a common theme on this one. As it should be.

Def Leppard: Mirror Ball World Tour

64 stops across America, England, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, and Japan.

Def Leppard’s Mirror Ball World Tour spanned the globe with five legs. As life-long fans, it was an honor to team up with the boys from across the pond to bring their classic catalog of songs to life in a large format fashion. We designed, animated, and produced a library of custom show content, allowing the band to rock on with crowd-pleasing visuals behind them as strong as the power chords.


We have produced concert graphics for various other artists and tours – ranging from R&B acts like NeYo and Mary J. Blige, hip hop acts like Pitbull, rock acts like Nickelback, and additional classic rock like Journey’s world tour.