Pure Storage

Branding + Advertising + Product Launches

A Story As Old As Silicon Valley Time…

Tech Startup focuses on product. Product becomes super successful. Tech Startup is no longer just a startup. Tech Startup needs to look like Tech Company.

At the beginning of 2016, Signal Factory worked with the internal creative team at Pure Storage to do a full inventory of the Pure Storage brand.

And what we found was very typical of companies that experience explosive growth. The immediate focus is on executing a deliverable and overall brand strategy, look and feel, and messaging gets put on the back burner. As we stepped in to the role of Pure Storage’s agency of record, we were able to act as a design pressure release valve while also working to put together an overhaul of the entire brand.

Product Launch: FlashBlade

Product launches are always a blast. You get to unveil something people for worked on for months, sometimes even years.

As part of Pure Storage’s inaugural user conference, they were introducing a revolutionary cloud-scale data platform – FlashBlade.

It’s an amazing piece of technology that somehow is able to be big (in storage capacity), fast (in data rate), and simple (to use). The first time we ever saw it, we knew FlashBlade was going to be huge – and that we were responsible for introducing this incredible product to the world.

Highlighted during the keynote presentation, this product announcement could not have pumped up an auditorium of tech nerd anymore. It was awesome.

Icon System

On the heels of a massive hardware launch, Pure Storage had another trick up its sleeve.

Less than a week after the hugely successful launch of the FlashArray//X, we had another monumental task – somehow bringing structure and consistency to a slew of new software products and features that would be announced eight weeks later.

There was an existing, flexible branding system for hardware products. However, we needed software products to feel like a different branch from hardware products – all while still a part of the same Product Family Tree.

The first thing we had to do was establish a visual difference between the FlashArray and FlashBlade families – software and hardware. The second task was to develop a distinct look and feel for the Purity Operating Environment. And finally, the last task was determining exactly how to handle versioning.

The brand-level software naming and art direction was only the beginning. We still needed to flesh it out across dozens of features.

Product Launch: FlashArray//X

When Pure Storage released the FlashArray//M back in 2015, it was kind of a big deal. And so, like all good sequels… we had to go bigger and better for the FlashArray//X.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Releasing game-changing product once is luck. Twice? That takes skill. And hard work. Lots and lots of hard work.

As one of the biggest product launches of the year, the launch of Pure Storage’s FlashArray//X demanded something big. Working directly with teams across Product Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Digital, and Creative, we were able to help bring an engaging and consistent visual style to a live, world-wide launch event – and the online art direction that followed.

FlashStack From Cisco and Pure Storage

A co-branded, converged infrastructure product with Cisco, FlashStack required a non-Pure Storage-specific approach that could bridge the wide gap between both brands. Knowing co-branded offerings were likely to multiply within Pure’s product portfolio, Signal set a course that could be both unique and repeatable in terms of art direction – metallic finishes. For additional co-branded products, see AIRI from Pure Storage and NVIDIA.

From logo design to design of the full rack to an integrated digital campaign with a standalone microsite, FlashStack was truly its own brand.

Product Launch: FlashArray//C

With the introduction of the FlashArray//C, Pure was aiming to bring their flash innovations to the masses – all flash for all applications. Usually, a from-scratch bezel design with tooling and manufacturing takes at least 9 to 12 months. But, the release for //C was coming – and fast. So, we developed some options to simply reskin an existing bezel to be distinctive enough for a standalone product.

Miscellaneous Campaigns, Partnerships, and Initiatives

Over the years, Signal Factory has been able to contribute to Pure Storage’s brand, marketing, and messaging in almost every way imaginable.