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AI-Ready Infrastructure From Pure Storage + NVIDIA

The Ultimate AI-Ready Infrastructure Is Here.

Pure Storage and NVIDIA bring the world’s first AI-ready infrastructure to the masses.

Deep in the skunkworks at Pure, some brilliant people had developed a reference architecture to tie together a FlashBlade from Pure and a DGX from NVIDIA. No small task – which is why no one had ever done it before. Marrying together the world’s best large-scale data storage appliance with the world’s leading computation engine? Too good to be true.

That was the good news. The bad news was, this thing needed a name, a brand, a buzz-building campaign, and an industry-attention-getting launch. In eight weeks.

Time for AI Change.

From the outset, we knew this brand had to connote scale – after all, this product had the ability to churn out AI-based calculations in a few hours (these typically took months to complete).

And so, working with the internal Creative, Product and Solution Marketing, and Engineering teams at Pure, we collectively decided to pursue a “birth of human knowledge” approach to the entire branding.

Both Pure and NVIDIA could not have been more of a joy to work with. Building buzz through all available means, we designed the actual rack housing products and developed a killer announcement strategy at NVIDIA’s flagship conference.

With press, analysts, customers, and attendees gathered at 12:01PM, the covers were lifted off of AIRI. In eight weeks, we’d gone from zero to a brand positioned to be not just the first out of the gate, but the best horse in the race.